Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron Wiki

Storm is Sierra's companion in the Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron series. He is also the father of Rain.


Storm is a tall, black and white pinto stallion. He can often be seen wearing a war bridle. This is a long piece of rope that extends from the horse's jaw, to around his neck.


Storm is easygoing and fairly quiet. He has little knowledge of handling himself in the wild. He loves and trusts humans, and fails to comprehend why Sierra can't do the same. He is affectionate and loving to his mate, Little Colt, and Rain.



Storm gets lost from the Indians in the wintertime and meets Sierra. Instantly liking her, he starts leading her toward the smell of his human herd. At firsts she mistrusts him, for he smells of smoke and fire and humans, but they gradually form an inseparable bond, and even fall in love. Storm is tolerant of Sierra's restless spirit and constant desire to gallop. They go for long gallops together, and Sierra loves him for it. Soon, they trust each other enough to sleep side by side. Storm is extremely patient, never growing angry when Sierra wakes him up or refuses to follow him. He leads her to the Indian camp, where she learns to trust humans. He knows she carries his foal, and waits patiently for her to become aware of this. When the Indians try to rope his mate, Storm protects her. He helps her understand humans, and they rejoice together at the birth of Rain.